Are you looking for a dentist you can trust in the Alpine, Utah area? You need to look no further than Alpine Dentistry. Alpine Dentistry is where friends send friends. This is because our dentists are dentists you can trust. You can trust in their experience, professionalism, extensive training, and patient-centric approach. 


A Dentistry Staff You Can Trust.

Dr. Jensen completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Utah and earned his DDS from Case Western University in 2001. His patients love him because he loves serving his patients and being able to help them in life-changing ways.

The highly-experienced, friendly Alpine Dentistry staff make comfort and satisfaction the goal for your entire Alpine Dentistry experience – from the time you pick up the phone to call us until the time that you go home after treatment. 


Alpine Dentistry Service You Can Trust

Alpine Dentistry is your full-service dental provider for the Alpine, Utah area, and beyond. We offer a comprehensive range of dental treatments and solutions, including:

General Dentistry

General Dentistry includes all the things that might come to mind when you think of the services a dentist performs. Things like teeth cleaning, fillings, and tooth extraction. 

Dental checkups are also a big part of general dentistry. We believe in a preventative dental approach, meaning we’d rather help prevent dental problems than have to treat them. Regular checkups, usually about twice per year as recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA), allow us to treat any existing dental issues and spot potential dental problems before they become severe. 

And if you’re nervous about seeing the dentist, we offer sedation dentistry options. With light sedation, you’ll be completely awake and aware during the treatment but more relaxed and as comfortable as possible. Your treatment time may seem to pass faster than it would without sedation. You’ll also feel less stressed and anxious about future dental appointments, making you more likely to keep those essential checkup appointments. No matter your dental needs, we can help at Alpine Dentistry.

Restorative Dentistry

Alpine Dentistry offers many options for restoring your smile’s beauty and the functionality of your teeth. These options include dental implants, which serve as tooth replacements. If you’re missing teeth or have teeth that need to come out because they’re damaged or overly decayed, dental implants will serve as a new, artificial tooth root to hold a prosthetic tooth in place. Implants are durable, can last a lifetime, and function just like your natural teeth. They also look great in your smile, matching your natural tooth size and color. 

Single dental implants can replace individual teeth. If you have more than one missing tooth, our multiple dental implant options may be right for you. We even offer full-mouth dental implants. And if you already have dental implants, we can help restore them to tip-top shape if needed. 

We also offer dentures and bridges as great restorative dental options. If you have any questions about our restorative dentistry solutions, let us know. 


If you or your kids need tooth straightening or bite malocclusion correction, we can help. We offer traditional braces, a tried and true method for straightening teeth. If you’re interested in a more discrete solution than traditional braces, we also offer invisible braces or clear aligners. Many adults and teens appreciate the fact that invisible braces are almost undetectable while you are smiling or speaking. Just like traditional braces, they’re also safe and effective. 


Best Alpine Dentist You Can Trust

Call Alpine Dentistry today. Give us a chance to treat your teeth for any dental issues. Give us an opportunity to welcome you as a member of our dental family.

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