Smile Solutions That'll Transform Your Life

Living with missing teeth can be a challenge for you for many reasons. You need your teeth to chew, speak, and digest food.

If you have missing teeth, you may also be sensitive about your looks. If you have gaps in your teeth or suffer from severe tooth decay, perhaps you often try to hide your smiles. You might even avoid talking to people, or you cover your mouth when talking.

At Alpine Dentistry, we offer you full-mouth dental options to restore your smile. Getting our full-mouth treatments will allow you to talk, eat, and smile confidently. Your dental and general health will also improve significantly.

Our team of skilled dentists has a lot of experience in full-mouth implants. We serve patients from Alpine, Highland, Lehi, Cedar Hills, Draper, and Sandy, UT. Do you want to learn more about our full-mouth dental treatments that might work for you? Please call for a consult today.

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Which Teeth Replacement Option Is Best for Your Situation?

When it comes to teeth replacements, you have several options:  Removable dentures are the least costly option we can offer you. However, these dentures won’t restore your dental function fully. Also, dentures tend to irritate your gums. We can provide you with removable dentures as a temporary fix.

Implant-supported dentures are also removable dental appliances that you can choose. We anchor these dentures in your mouth using dental implants. A dental bridge is another way to fill in a gap where your tooth is missing. It works best when you only have one or two teeth missing but not full mouth. We usually anchor a bridge between your teeth on either side of the missing tooth. We place a crown on each of your anchor teeth with a bridge tooth replacement in between.

Full-mouth dental implants are ideal if you are looking for a permanent fix. These artificial teeth look very natural in your mouth. We usually recommend this option to preserve jawbone health and restore teeth function. So… which dental implants solution is best for you? Be sure to schedule a consult at our Alpine Dentistry office today to learn more.

Removable partial denture
Removable partial denture
Removable dental bridge
Implants Bridge
Dental implant bridges

Your Smile Restoration Journey

Multiple Dental Implants
Stage 1: Get-To-Know-Your-Story &Treatment Planning
The first thing we to do is to know your story. We want to understand your pain and desires. During the visit, your dentist will examine you and discuss your treatment goals. This meeting will include a review of your medical history and dental health. Your dental exam will involve several steps. First, we'll take CBCT scans, x-rays, and digital photos of your teeth. Next, we will use the images to look at the condition of your teeth. We also use special software to create a mock-up of how your new smile will look. This is called a smile simulation. At the end of the visit, your dentist will tell you the best plan for your needs. Your dentist will also discuss your sedation choices and answer all your questions. If you are happy with the plan we offer, our staff will then set up surgery time and date to fit your schedule.
Multiple Dental Implants
Stage 2: Surgery & Temporary Teeth Placement
When you come to Alpine Dentistry for your implant visit, you might be nervous. However, we will make the experience pleasant and painless for you. We use the latest technology and surgical guides. You will get the perfect outcome with few risks and no pain. During your implant surgery, we take care to make sure you relax and feel no pain. Common sedation methods include local anesthesia and IV sedation that lets you sleep. Before placing the implants, your dentist may need to pull one of your teeth or graft your jawbone. Bone grafting will ensure that your jawbone is strong enough to support the implants. The next step is placing surgical guides over your gums. These guides position the implants at the correct angle and depth. Using the guides, we drill a hole at the correct location into your jawbone. That is where we insert each new implant into your mouth. It might sound scary, but with sedation, you should not feel any pain.
Stage 3: Your Recovery and Prosthetics Fitting
After the implant surgery, your jawbone will need a long time to heal. The recovery period takes a few months. This period allows the jawbone to accept your new implants. We will provide you with temporary dentures you can wear during this recovery time. Once your implants are strong and healthy, you will return for a visit to our office. During this return visit, we will check to make sure that the implants have healed fully. Then, your dentist will attach your new, custom-made teeth to the implants. Your new teeth will have the same strength and look as natural teeth do. Because we make the set just for you, it will match your face and jaw. These teeth are also permanent. We will make sure that the set fits comfortably in your mouth since you will have it for a lifetime. After we attach your new teeth, you can go home and enjoy your new smile. Remember to brush your teeth twice per day!

An Affordable Life Transformation

The cost for a full-mouth tooth replacement depends on the plan your doctor makes based on your needs.

Usually, removable dentures are the least costly option for you up front. However, this option is not permanent. You may need to have them replaced or adjusted on a regular basis.

Over the long run, the costs of removable dentures can add up to a significant amount for you to pay. You may also experience problems like irritated or inflamed gums.

Full-mouth dental implants are more expensive than the other options up front. However, we recommend these since they will improve your quality of life permanently. They will last as long as you live and need no replacing.

To help you pay for implants, we can offer you third-party dental finance options. Our office also accepts some dental insurance plans. We will help you optimize your benefits.

Do you want to learn how we can help you afford full-mouth dental implants? Get in touch with us at Alpine Dentistry today.