Get A Permanent Single Dental Implant

Did an injury, gum disease, or tooth decay cause you to lose a tooth? The risks of a missing tooth include jawbone loss, crooked teeth, and issues with your bite. After losing a tooth, you may start grinding your teeth or develop pain in your jaw. A single dental implant can restore your smile and prevent further damage.

The open pocket in your gums after a tooth loss provides entry to bacteria. Gum infection may lead to more serious health concerns, including heart disease.

A missing tooth can also cause you to feel self-conscious about your looks.

Dental Implant Complications Implant abutment fixation procedure. Medically accurate 3D illustration of human teeth and dentures concept

At Alpine Dentistry, we offer you dental implants as a natural solution for a missing tooth. An implant looks and functions just like a natural tooth. It also protects nearby teeth and prevents bone loss. Our dental office serves Alpine, Highland, Lehi, Cedar Hills, Draper, and Sandy, UT. If you have a missing tooth and live in one of these areas, we can help.

Our dental team has all the necessary skills and experience in dental implants. We will provide you with a permanent dental implant solution. To learn more about single dental implants, be sure to schedule a consultation today.

You may qualify for a single dental implant...

If you have a missing or decayed tooth, a single dental implant is likely the solution for you.

Dental implant candidates need to have enough jawbone density to support the implant. However, each patient’s mouth is different.

For example, you may have suffered bone loss earlier. The tooth you want to replace may still be in your mouth, though in a state of decay. You may need bone grafting or a tooth extraction. These will prepare your mouth for a successful implant.

To find out if your mouth can handle a single dental implant, our dentist will examine you. Then we will tell you the best plan of action to replace your tooth.

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What To Expect At Alpine Dentistry

Stage 1: Your Personalized Consult
If you have a missing tooth, the first step is to arrange a visit to our Alpine Dentistry office. Your goal is for our dentist to look at the condition of your tooth and your dental health. Then the dentist will decide on the best tooth replacement solution for you. During your dental evaluation, your dentist will discuss: ● Your treatment goals ● What kind of sedation you prefer ● The implant procedure. Your dentist will also take x-rays and a CBCT scan. Using the latest technology, we can also create an image of how you will look after the procedure.
Dental Implants
Stage 2: Dental Implant Placement
When you come in for surgery, you might be nervous. That’s normal! But we will do all we can do to make you feel at ease. We can assure you that our sedation options will keep you from feeling any pain. We also include IV sedation so that you can sleep during surgery if you desire. Our dental team will use surgical guides for precise implant placement. Using these guides, the dental surgeon will drill a hole into your jawbone and insert a titanium post. This is your implant. It will be the new root that attaches the crown to your jawbone. Since we like to give your jaw several months to heal, we will provide you with a temporary crown. You can wear this appliance until the new custom-made crown is ready for placement.
Dental Implants
Dental Implants
Stage 3: Recovery and Restoration
After surgery, your jawbone has to heal and accept the new implant. This process can take your mouth up to six months. After the recovery phase, the next step is attaching your new crown to the implant using an abutment. We will make the new crown to match your teeth and your bite. Like a natural tooth, you will not need to replace or adjust a dental implant and crown. With proper dental care, your new tooth will last you a lifetime.
Dental Implants

How To Afford Your Single Dental Implant

The costs of a dental implant include the titanium post, abutment, and crown. Other costs include consultation, x-rays, CBCT scan, sedation, and surgery.

At Alpine Dentistry, we can help you make a dental implant more affordable. We offer you loan options and financing through CareCredit® and Mountain America Credit Union (MACU). We will also help you make the most of the dental insurance benefits you may have.

Do you want to learn more about our dental implants or dental care loans? Please reach out to us today.

Is Your Missing Tooth Embarrassing You?

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