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Get Your Life Transformed With Dental Implants

Whether you’re looking to transform your life by having one or more missing teeth replaced… or whether you’re at the point where you’ve had enough with dentures… Dr. Tornow at Alpine Dentistry is the man to come see.  

We'll Help You Maintain Your Smile & Investment!

Your visit to the dentist should not be a frightening event. Neither should it be inconvenient, or filled with anxiety.

We know this is the experience for most people. Not with Alpine Dentistry.

We’re committed to giving you the dental experience of a lifetime on every visit. When you visit us, you must expect a friendly and accommodating team on every step of your journey. Dental care doesn’t have to inspire fear or hate of the dentist. Here at Alpine Dentistry, you’ll experience the 9-Star comprehensive dentistry. That’s dentistry at its finest.

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Signs Dental Implant Issues Need Attention

Experience A New Life With Permanent Dental Implants

A life with multiple missing teeth is never a enjoyable life. Chewing and talking becomes uncomfortable. Also, the remaining teeth can move and shift into the gaps. Missing teeth can also cause you to have jawbone loss, which can affect the way you look.

If you have missing teeth, you may feel shame or shyness about your appearance. Missing teeth might even lead you to change the way you speak or smile to hide the gaps from view.

If you have one or multiple missing teeth, our dental team at Alpine Dentistry can help you. The dental implants we can provide you will restore the look and function of your teeth. It will also make them healthy for life.

Dental implants replace your tooth’s roots, providing a life-long foundation for replacement teeth. We insert the implants (titanium posts) into your jawbone. Then, a few months later, we attach dental crowns or bridges to the posts to replace your missing teeth.

What Are Your Options for Replacing Teeth?

If you have more than one missing tooth, we have some options to restore your mouth’s look and function. Tooth replacement options for you will include: Removable partial dentures consist of a gum-colored base with replacement teeth. This dental appliance rests on your gum tissue and clasps onto your remaining teeth. A tooth-supported bridge is a man-made tooth (or teeth) that spans a gap where one or more of your teeth are missing. We usually place a crown on either side of your missing tooth as anchors for the bridge. The whole bridge looks like your natural teeth.

At Alpine Dentistry, we offer you the above teeth-replacement options. However, we often recommend implant-supported crowns or bridges. These replacement teeth are ideal if the remaining teeth are not strong or healthy. Implant-supported bridges attach to the dental implants we place into the jawbone. These appliances fully restore your teeth’s natural look and function. Unlike removable dentures, dental implants will prevent bone loss. Implants will also keep your remaining teeth from shifting.

Expect A Personalized Treatment Process

What client Says About Us!

I just want to thank Dr. Tornow for doing such a wonderful job on my implant. Still can’t get over the fact that I have a front tooth again! It’s good to know that there is a dentist in town that actually knows what he’s doing! And one that accepts goldbacks to boot! Dr. Tornow has given me more than just a beautiful smile, he has given me my life back! No words in the world can express what this means to me!

Travis T.

I had to have three fillings placed this morning. I have had a lot of dental work done throughout my life, and hands down, this was the best experience. Dr. Tornow was friendly, quick, efficient, and did a great job fixing my teeth. He did all three fillings in about 30 minutes, and I didn’t even have to be numbed up! The members of his staff were also very friendly and made what could have been a tough experience much less stressful. I would definitely recommend Alpine Dentistry and Dr. Tornow!!

Amanda L.

“I’ve been going here for years, but I’ve been especially impressed my last few visits. I have sensitive teeth, and they have taken extra care to make sure I’m not in pain. I really appreciate the extra mile!”

Geneva S.

For a person who does NOT like going to the Dentist, they put my mind at ease immediately.


    Affording Your Implant Bridge

    Dental implants cost more than tooth-supported bridges and partial dentures. However, for the higher price, your new implants have the same qualities as natural teeth. You will also never need to replace, adjust, or fasten your implant-supported dentures. Like natural teeth, your implants will never cause discomfort or gum irritation.

    If you can’t afford an upfront payment for dental implants, the good news is that we can help. At Alpine Dentistry, we offer flexible financing options through CareCredit and Mountain America Credit Union.

    Dental implant and denture costs are all-inclusive and include your First consultation, all the needed scans, Sedation as well as post-op treatments. If you have several missing teeth, our dental implant treatment may be the ideal solution for you. Be sure to reach out and schedule a visit to learn more about this permanent dental solution.

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