Advanced Dentistry, Advanced Results

Dental technologies have advanced quickly in recent decades. Today, you can experience comfortable and personalized care with predictable, efficient treatment, thanks to digital diagnostics, smile simulations, and advanced healing techniques. More so, advanced dental technology minimizes treatment invasiveness, especially for surgery and other more complex procedures, such as for gum disease. You can expect to have a comfortable treatment, less pain and swelling afterward, and a faster, easier recovery! Additionally, our technology assists us in planning your treatment before procedures are completed to ensure the most predictable and longest-lasting outcomes. We invite you to experience comprehensive dental services backed by advanced dental technology in Beverly Hills, Northridge, and Thousand Oaks, CA. Schedule an appointment at one of our three convenient practice locations today.

Our Advanced Dental Technologies

Experience Affordable Care

Our state-of-the-art technology does more than provide you with a more comfortable experience; it heightens the overall quality of your care. At our offices, we offer low-radiation CBCT scanning, which provides highly detailed 3D images of your bone and teeth. We use this information to diagnose a number of conditions, map out your treatment, and create surgical guides for predictable dental implant treatment. Especially for cosmetic or full arch cases, we’ll leverage Digital Smile Design, a software we use to create smile simulations reflecting the results of treatment. 

Our team is also trained to use dental lasers for a variety of soft tissue treatments, including gum disease therapy and teeth whitening. Dental lasers are minimally invasive, minimize pain and swelling after treatment, and accelerate the healing process by regenerating new bone and soft tissue. We offer other advanced healing techniques as well, including bone morphogenetic protein and plasma rich growth factors. These proteins and growth factors provide faster healing after surgery and because they use the patient’s own blood, they have little-to-no risks or complications. Depending on your treatment needs, we will use one or several of these advanced dental technologies to further improve the quality of our high-end care.

See The Difference Modern Technology Can Make.