Transform Your Smile With Life-Like Restorations

It can be easy to ignore a cracked, chipped, or broken tooth after an accident. However, did you know that the sooner you fix the issue, the better you can expect your results to be? A quick follow-up does more than give you a higher chance of preserving your natural tooth. It lessens your chances of complications down the line, too.

Even if your tooth doesn’t cause pain right away, it can open the way for infections of your teeth and jaw over time. Eventually, it can even spread to nearby teeth. Don’t wait to repair your weakened tooth, especially if you feel any pain or sensitivity from it.

If you have a tooth or two in need of repair, consider contacting our team of experts at Alpine Dentistry. We want you to feel as comfortable and pain-free as possible, so the sooner you visit, the better! Alpine Dentistry serves patients in Alpine, Highland, Lehi, Cedar Hills, Draper, and Sandy, UT.

Your Broken Tooth Restoration Options

When the integrity of your tooth gets called into question, you may have a few different choices. For example, if it only has a minor fracture, a dental crown may be enough to repair it. Dental crowns help the cracked tooth retain its strength. They help keep infection away as well.

At Alpine Dentistry, we take pride in offering our clients high-quality dental treatments. As such, we can create and place a brand-new dental crown for you within a single appointment.

Not all damaged teeth are eligible for crowns, though. If your tooth is cracked to the root, a crown isn’t enough. Instead, your best options are a root canal or a replacement via a dental implant.

Brocken Tooth
Alpine Dental Implants

Replace A Missing Or Extracted Tooth Permanently

When a tooth has too much damage to repair with a crown or root canal, a dental implant can be a lifesaver. Dental implants mimic the look and feel of natural teeth, but they’re much stronger. We design our dental implants from Alpine Dentistry to last for decades, if not the rest of your lifetime.

Dental implants do tend to be the most expensive of the three options. However, they are also the most permanent. A dental implant will match the shape and shade of your previous tooth, as well. The end result will give you a seamless, attractive, and functional smile.

Don't Put Off Repairing That Missing Tooth!